Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Besides being focused on bringing THE OUTER SPACE MEN to worldwide prominence, TEAM OSM is constantly looking to explore other artistic avenues. Marc Borstel is one of those valued team members. As colorist/letterer for THE OUTER SPACE MEN Graphic Novel, Marc was an integral reason why the book received such critical acclaim. Marc has recently expanded his resume to include "writer." Having been excepted into the prestigious Zuda comics monthly competition, Marc is already receiving praise for his sci-fi/adventure webcomic "Tessyleia 2.0." I have a limited involvement in the project as well. While Marc's English continues to improve, it wasn't quite ready for a comic contest in an English format. I collaborated with him to simply polish-up an already intriguing dialogue.

So, get out there and support a TEAM OSM member in his quest for artistic super-stardom. Here's how to help.

1. Go to Zuda Comics.
2. Click 'sign up' in the top right
3. Open verification email and 'sign in'
4. Click VOTE on the Tessyleia 2.0 page
5. Add it your favs and give it a rating.
6. Make some comments in the thread below.
7. Spread the word and get friends and family to vote for him!

Visit Marc's blog for a step-by-step look into the artistic process of creating a webcomic. We all wish Marc the best of luck.


hayestronaut said...

Comic Book Resources interviews Tessyleia 2.0 creator and OSM colorist Marc Borstel. Even OSM writer Eric C Hayes gets a quote. Don't forget to vote!

CBR Interview with Marc Borstel!

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