Friday, June 12, 2009


One thing my New York Comic Con '09 experience taught me, was that OUTER SPACE MEN collectors come in all shapes and sizes. OSM enthusiast Gary Schaeffer boasts the finest collection of "Museum Quality" OUTER SPACE MEN in the world. An ex-Wall-Streeter, Gary befriended OSM creator Mel Birnkrant at the Atlantique City Toy Show in 1991, and an obsession was reborn. Gary's collection can be viewed at the Official Website of the OSM.
Toy Collector, Steve Fink, discusses his OUTER SPACE MEN collector experiences on the popular toy site Lee's Toy Review. These types of story's are not uncommon when you're dealing with a toy that had such an lasting impact on the lives of so many young children. But the real reason for me to post this blog, is to share the following video. We get to see some OSM collectors in moving pictures! Enjoy the OSM goodness!

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