Sunday, November 16, 2008

Current Polling

This is still early for the popularity polling, but there are some interesting trends. For series one, I'm not surprised by the popularity of Colossus Rex and Astro-Nautilus (as well as Alpha-7), but I am surprised that Commander Comet is right up there in the running. I note that Xodiac and Orbitron haven't yet received any votes. While neither of those two are my favorites (I voted for Astro-Nautilus, but it's really more or less equal with him and Colossus Rex), I do think both characters are under-rated. That'll be a topic for the next opinion poll.

The big surprise for series two is the very strong showing for Mystron, which supports the idea of having him as a major player in the first graphic novel. I would have thought Gemini would be a clear winner. Anyway, it is still early.

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