Sunday, November 16, 2008

New Poll

The new poll (and please continue with the original two, which are the most important) is to answer which are the most under-rated OSM characters.

Rules: vote for two from series one and two from series two. Please do not vote for your favorites from the other polls. Instead, ask yourself which four (two from each group) of the 13 characters do you see as having potential of being interesting if people paid more attention to them. Not your favorite(s), but others that you see as intriguing and who should get more "play" from OSM fans and in future graphic novels.

This new poll is set up so you can vote for more than one character at a time.

1 comment:

The Outer Space Men LLC said...

Great call out on Gemini! Make sure that you pay close attention to Electron + and his contact with the Algol system.
As you will find out in the book, Electron + is finding tremendous problems in that star system which will need the OSM team to travel there and face the dangers of their next mission. Great call Nose Cone!