Sunday, November 9, 2008

OSM Rebirth

First, I'd like to thank The Outer Space Men, LLC, as well as everyone involved in the upcoming graphic novel, for their hard work and dedication in bringing the OSM back from "the dead." For all those who remember the OSM, this is truly a wonderful project.

I believe that one objective we should all have is to promote the OSM characters (both first and second series) to the level of serious players in the graphic novel/comics/scifi/action figure arena. There is no reason why the OSM franchise one day cannot be at the level of established team character endeavors, such as The Avengers, Fantastic Four, and Justice League. If we think big, we can look forward to the day where the OSM can rival Spider-Man or Bat-Man. Of course, we are at the beginning of the process, and must take one day at a time.

The first step is to do what we can to promote the OSM, the OSM website (linked to from here), and the graphic novel. It is important that the first graphic novel be viewed as an artistic and financial success. Let's work to get the word out and assist the novel to be viewed in the manner which it should be. It is an impressive achievement, many years in the making.

The nature of the OSM means that the stories that can be told about them are limited only by the imagination. They can have adventures here on Earth, on their home planets, or in the vastness of outer space. Or, perhaps, with a nod toward Gamma-X, even in the Fourth Dimension!

We are at the beginning of an exciting journey. Get on board and enjoy the ride!

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Anonymous said...

What an exciting jouney indeed! It's been both an honor and a privledge to write THE OUTER SPACE MEN Graphic Novel. And what an incredible opportunity to work with such talented artists like Rudolf and Marc. Let's hope there are many more outer space adventures to follow.